What inspired us to travel

Life tends to inspire you in the most unexpected moments. Is it possible to approach it rationally that you travelled the furthest places just in your dreams whole your life and you were jealous of anybody who had marvelous adventures, met absolutely fascinating people and saw the most stunning places. And now the time comes and you must choose your own way, it’s your own struggle. Your own preparation for the trip around the world.

You are your own boss – a common tagline, which everyone knows is very often forgotten. Get inspired by something beautiful and … do something crazy. How many times have you admired others for their achievements? You said: I wouldn’t manage to do that. But have you tried? Nothing happens itself, reaching the target needs sacrifice and hard work, and it puts your life upside down. What do you get in return? Satisfaction that you found your own way. And it’s the greatest thing you can get.

Who inspires us? Painters, singers, actors, writers, poets and other artists, people you can hear about, people who you have never heard of. There are plenty of inspirations around and they give us encouragement and faith. They make us sure that it’s worth taking action, it’s worth trying to achieve something which seems to be impossible to get.

What inspired us to travel around the world? Simply the need. The need to meet people, places, to discover unknown world. And maybe a bit the escape from here and now. But we are We are here expedition so no matter if we like it or not we are in our place. What are our highlights during the trip? For example, in Australia we are planning to see Angus & Julia Stone concert, in Pacific Grove we want to see Monarchy butterflies, we want to be in Big Sur because Jack Kerouac wrote a wonderful novel there, in Alasca we would like to see a magic bus of Christopher  McCandless. And if you want you can so we act and try not to give up. And what helps us in bad days? Inspiring film, book, person.

At the end we put a very, very good song (a video clip is so much about us that it pains :p )

Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane



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