Time for change


Setting off for “one year” expedition (as we don’t really know how much time we will spend on the way) we need to kind of settle down. Firstly, preparation is a very long process for us, as we think rather slowly, but seriously – who’s in hurry? It’s not a kind of trip when you just pack your things and go. We need to calculate our taxes, to get visas, vaccinations under control, choose insurance company. But as we want to leave with clear conscience we have to settle some basic things in our life. Contrary to appearances there are not just few such things. What to do first?

Our first step is the last one for many people who prepare themselves for such a long trip. Why did we start from the end? Actually me (Magda) started from the end, Aśka still had one month of internship in a tattoo studio. You quit your job long before setting off for two reasons: to have time but also to find a better-paid job, thanks to which you can maintain yourself but also save some money. Where can you find such a job?! In September I’m going to Germany so maybe there.

Quitting a job is the best thing in the world, especially if you don’t like the job, because it takes all your energy, makes you dumb and still you have a feeling that you sell yourself almost for free. Giving a notice became one of the most beautiful days in my life! The reason for resigning from the job – a trip around the world – and the faces of the people who can see nothing else than their offices, nothing else… Sad, but true. But what did I learn from working in a shop in a shopping centre? Being a shop assistant is an unbelievably ungrateful job. And I promised something to myself when I was leaving my job for the last time – I will never again enter any shopping mall.


Leaving job is celebrated by piles of food, alcohol (a great amount, because now you may have a hangover) and a TV series, we chose Girls. Why is it the best series for a quitting your job day? Cause girls are crazy, they keep things in perspective and we have great fun watching it. And the most important – we are not ladies – we are girls, ladies have no idea how to have fun.


It was nice to live together, so the only plus of moving out was saving on a rent, so it was quite much money in our piggy bank, instead giving it to a housing cooperative.

It is strange to move into your house. For the last 10 years it was the first time all my things where under one roof. How did I manage to put all the things in my mum’s flat, as in my room there are only a bookcase and a bed? Thanks to a successful selection I am an owner of few things, so I can store them anywhere.

Joanna followed my footsteps one month later, and after finishing the internship in a tattoo studio, came back to her family house. Coming back home is a great reason to stay with your family for a while, have fun together, especially in the situation when you are usually just a guest there. It will do good, for us and for our families.




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