Selection of clothes

How to get rid of things from your wardrobe?

Opening your own wardrobe and getting through million of clothes is a traumatic experience. Generally you make a few attempts. You open the wardrobe and close it, open and close. It’s a bit like airing but the difference is that anytime you open it to clean, and close because you found some urgent thing to do, which is much more important than cleaning. But once the moment comes that all of the clothes land on the floor. There is a great pile of clothes, half of them you don’t even remember, so you are not sure if they are really yours or you just stole them from your friend while washing.

A huge wardrobe, which made you fascinated when you moved in, now makes you feel terrified. You had much place so you have stored things for months. A lot of clothes moved in as well. The selection will be difficult – here is a dress sentimental to you, cause you got it from Iza, who left 7 years ago, a sweater after your granny, a sweatshirt from Monia, a blouse from a second hand, which you bought while hitchhiking in Austria, and that scarf you found on the ground coming back drunk. And so on, so on…


In the photo Magda is sitting in her coffin, not only it’s just a part of wardrobe, the things are segregated. The other pile of the same size is ready to give away. I packed 5 sacks, which went straight way to Caritas (charity organization).

If you want your selection to be successful, you must be ruthless. The method is simple: you prepare 3 boxes: the first – I may need it, the second – I don’t need it, but it’s wearable, the third – totally useless. It’s really surprising how many things will go to the third box and how many useless but sentimental things will go to the first one. Some people may need the fourth box: for sale, but we didn’t have anything valuable, so we didn’t need it. Generally it is easy to say goodbye to clothes, in comparison to saying goodbye to people, which is very emotional.

Maybe for you these are just small steps, but for us it’s a sign that our trip preparations have started for real.

When you said A, you need to say B…




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